Mehmet Ugur Memis Seminar

Audio Mixing Seminar with Mehmet Uğur Memiş

Mehmet Uğur Memiş (audio engineer for artists such as Peter Murphy, Feridun Düzağaç, İskender Paydaş, Ogun Sanlısoy) delivered a seminar on 18 April at Department of Communication Design. The seminar was about audio mix...
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De/Re-constructing Archaeology & Film

The Departments of Archaeology and Communication and Design organize a workshop, co-sponsored by Lufthansa, to bring together filmmakers, scriptwriters and archaeologists to trigger exciting questions: How is our pre- and early...
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Graham Harman

Taking McLuhan Seriously – A talk by Graham Harman

This lecture focus on the important features of McLuhan's "tetrad" theory, according to which all media (that is, all human products) have a fourfold structure of enhancement, obsolescence, retrieval, and reversal. This theory ...
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