Production & Post-Production Studios
The production and post-production studios at Bilkent are known as BITS, which stands for Bilkent İletişim ve Tasarım Stüdyo (Bilkent Communication and Design Studio). These facilities have been designed to provide students with training in both conventional television and digital multimedia production techniques. The studio space can support live, multi-camera productions and single-camera approaches, both of which are covered in the cycle of production courses required of every COMD major.

The principle format for all COMD production coursework is digital video. This allows small units for production in-studio and on-location as well as a simplified post-production process. Post-production is entirely based on non-linear editing units and compatible with hardware and software available in all campus computer labs. Digital video can also be converted to any professional format.



Among the COMD classrooms located in the FF building, FFB022 and FFB05 are spaces with auditorium-style seating available for large lectures and other special events. Located in the basement of FF, both auditoriums are outfitted with equipment and software to allow computer- and video-based presenting in several audiovisual formats.