• Media Archeology with the Media Archeology Lab
"Play/Pause, FF/Rewind // Shared Practices & Archaeologies of Media", (2017). Workshop & Symposium, with Jussi Parikka, Annie van der Oever, and Wolfgang Ernst, 

A five-day event on Shared Practices & Archaeologies of Media. The event gathered together international scholars and artists exploring media archaeology. The keynote speakers of “Play/Pause, FF/Rewind” were Wolfgang Ernst, Annie van den Oever, and Jussi Parikka. The program concluded with a roundtable discussion of October 6th from 6 to 8 pm at Erimtan Arkeoloji ve Sanat Müzesi.



Network on online video starting in 2008 and continuing. In cooperation with the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 11 conferences worldwide, "Video Vortex 3" hosted by Bilkent University in Ankara, Video Vortex X was organized by COMD in Istanbul, Video Vortex XI was co-organised in India


  • New Media Open Lab, Core team: Assist. Prof. Ersan Ocak (TEDU), Funda Şenova Tunalı (Bilkent COMD), Fulten Larlar (Bilkent COMD), Erhan Tunalı (Bilkent GRA), Levent Y. İnce (Bilkent COMD)

New Media_OpenLab is a space for creating concepts and developing projects on new media storytelling. It is a lab for both theoretical exploration and practice-led research on new forms and platforms of storytelling in new media. In NM_OpenLab, we aim to bring theory and practice together to produce open knowledge in new media storytelling. Hence, we make seminars and organise workshops. NM_OpenLab is also a collaborative space for practice-led research. Therefore, we develop, design and produce digital media storytelling projects, in which we question and re-establish theoretical elaboration and deepen our research. 

NM_OpenLab is a space of encounter between and among storytellers (filmmakers, artists), scholars, researchers, programmers (aka coders), designers, etc. 


  • Towards a deeper understanding of Rural Europe
EU Civil Society project from 2008 till 2010 in cooperation with Leiden University in NL and University of Strasbourg in France. https://dutchartinstitute.eu/page/705/2008-2009-towards-a-deeper-understanding-of-rural-europe-alite-thijsen-for-da


  • START - Science, Technology and Art Initiative 2005 - 2010


  •  "Türkiye için Yeni Bilgi Toplumu Teknolojileri - BTT Turkiye Projesi Multimedia Arastirma Grubu", TUBITAK-Bilkent University 2005 - 2009


  • "Video Crossing", Collaboration with International Short Film Festival Detmold, Germany, a realization of German-Turkish film workshop at the international short film festival Detmold – Project Leader Bilkent University, September/October 2006 


  • "Refugee Communication Project by the Arthur W. Page Center", COMD Faculty Emel Özdora Akşak is part of an international research team funded by the Arthur W. Page Center's Refugee Communication Project to understand the media framing of over 4 million Syrian refugees.