Bilkent University continues to take all measures for the health of its students and staff.

Covid-19 Precautions, 6 September 2021

Starting from the 2021-22 Fall semester at Bilkent University, courses, laboratories, studios, midterm and final exams, and all kinds of assessment activities will be conducted face to face.
It is mandatory to wear a mask to fully cover the mouth and nose in all indoor and outdoor areas at Bilkent University. While eating and drinking in open areas and cafeterias, the mask can be removed temporarily, provided that a minimum social distance of 1.5 meters is observed between people. It is mandatory to wear a mask in university transportation services and personal vehicles with more than one person.

It is obligatory to comply with the quarantine and isolation restrictions imposed by the Ministry of Health or Bilkent University Health Center for people who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or show symptoms of this disease or have contact with a COVID-19 patient.

It is forbidden to use cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and other tobacco products in all closed and open areas of the campus, except for the marked limited areas, considering that the neglect of social distance for smoking and the further scattering of virus-carrying droplets by blowing smoke during the smoking act increases the risk of transmission. It is necessary to observe a minimum of 2.5 meters social distance between people while smoking in the marked areas.

All employees and students of Bilkent University are obliged to inform the University of the HES code they will receive from the “Hayat Eve Sığar” platform of the Ministry of Health.
In addition to the other Covid-19 measures taken at Bilkent University, vaccination is mandatory at all facilities on campus.

All students, lecturers, and university staff on campus are required to have the Covid-19 vaccine. Clinical findings that the vaccine both reduces the likelihood of transmission and alleviates symptoms in the event of illness are clearly documented. Therefore, all students are expected to complete their vaccinations as soon as possible. Bilkent Health Center recommends that those who have received two doses of Sinovac vaccine supplement it with a third dose of Biontech vaccine. Currently, anyone over the age of 16 can get vaccinated in Turkey.

Those who may choose not to get vaccinated will be able to benefit from the campus facilities and attend academic events if they present a negative PCR or Diagnovir test result upon arrival. Diagnovir test can be done by Felisya Biyomedikal at Bilkent for 60 TL. PCR and Diagnovir test results are valid for 72 hours and must be repeated at the end of the period. Those who want can have PCR tests done in state hospitals.

Important Phones:
In case the student or his/her relative is in quarantine due to the diagnosis or suspicion of Covid-19, for information and guidance: 0(312) 290 8184, 0(312) 290 8185
For questions about Covid-19 vaccine and PCR/Diagnovir tests: 0(312) 290 8184, 0(312) 290 8185