COMD Sequential Studio Scheduling – Critical Information for Students!
Dear Students,

As you all know, the studio courses of our department as well as of the departments of the Fine Arts Faculty (FADA) are in a sequence. This means that there are prerequisites (which you need to have taken and successfully passed) to all our studio courses, which you can see in the curriculum. For example: Before you can take COMD 281 you have to have passed COMD 102, same for COMD 102, which means you need to pass COMD 101. Only through this studio sequence, the practical and applied part of the media design education can be provided according to the curriculum.

Therefore, it is critical that you take the studio courses in the semesters that they are offered. Not taking a studio course at the right time will cause you to delay your graduation by at least one year. Please do NOT even think of dropping or not taking a studio course without consulting with your advisor.

If you still consider dropping the course, you will need to provide a written statement with your signature to your advisor, the department chair as well as the department secretary indicating you are fully aware that this may (will) delay your graduation by at least one year and that you take full responsibility for your decision to drop the course. The priority should always be on the studio courses, followed by mandatory courses, since they form the backbone of our COMD curriculum.