B.A. in Communication and Design

Modern media is a leading force in the contemporary process of globalization. The Department of Communication and Design aims to educate media professionals, with a special emphasis on visual communication and visual technologies, specifically in the fields of filmmaking, video and TV production, journalism, visual design, interactive media, and advertising.

Students are provided with a wide range of courses in media studies, theories and practice, like interpersonal communication and individual presentation, forms and techniques of public and mass communication, visual design and visual studies, basic computer and Internet knowledge, advertising, marketing and public relations. The visual design and communication courses in practical fields such as photography, television, computer, and video are conducted in computer labs with the most developed visual design programs, photography studios, and a very well equipped digital video production studio. Since the department’s philosophy is to educate both creative and responsible media professionals, it also includes several must and elective courses on the ethical, legal and social problems related to mass communication.


1. Graduates of the Department will be the next generation of knowledgeable and responsible media professionals and scholars.
2. Graduates of the Department will contribute with high quality, innovative works, creative design storytelling and leadership across a broad spectrum of areas in all production platforms to a growing, global network of media professionals.
3. Graduates of the Department are distinguished collaborators with their knowledge and appreciation of art and design of all media platforms.


Fall Semester
COMD 101 Visual Communication Design I
FA 171 Introduction to Art and Culture I
CS 153 Introduction to Computer Graphics I
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
ENG 101 English and Composition I
TURK 101 Turkish I
GE 100 Orientation

Spring Semester
COMD 102 Visual Communication Design II
FA 172 Introduction to Art and Culture I
CS 154 Introduction to Computer Graphics II
ENG 102 English and Composition II
PSYC 102 Introduction to Social Psychology
TURK 102 Turkish II
Fall Semester
COMD 281 Media and Design Studio I
COMD 203 Media Studies I
COMD 210 Introduction to Screenwriting
CS 155 Interactive Media Design & Development
HUM 111 Cultures Civilizations and Ideas I
GE 250 Collegiate Activities Program I

Spring Semester
COMD 282 Media and Design Studio II
COMD 204 Media Studies II
COMD 207 History of Film and Media
HUM 112 Cultures Civilizations and Ideas II
MAT 103 Introductory Mathematics
GE 251 Collegiate Activities Program II
Fall Semester
COMD 381 Media and Design Studio III
COMD 321 Analysis of Moving Image
COMD 341 Media and Society
ECON 103 Principles of Economy
COMD 290 Summer Practice I
Restricted Elective

Spring Semester
COMD 382 Media and Design Studio IV
COMD 356 Digital Culture
ENG 312 Introduction to Creative Writing
HIST 200 History of Turkey
Restricted Elective
Fall Semester
COMD 481 Visual Communication Project
COMD 471 Media Ethics
COMD 390 Summer Practice II
Restricted Elective (2)
Social Science and Humanities Elective

Spring Semester
COMD 482 Visual Communication Project II
COMD 422 Advanced Issues in Comm. Studies
Restricted Elective (2)
Social Science and Humanities Elective

Restricted Electives

AMER 303 Film Studies in Amer. Culture to 1960
AMER 304 Film Stud. in Amer. Culture Since 1960
COMD 212 Principles of Visual Comm. Design
COMD 305 Intermediate Film Production I
COMD 306 Intermediate Film Production II
COMD 308 Multi-camera Prod. & Live-Recording
COMD 310 Screenwriting
COMD 322 Film Theory and Criticism
COMD 331 News Reporting and Writing
COMD 335 Science Writing and Journalism
COMD 342 Popular Culture
COMD 346 Introduction to Advertising
COMD 350 Radio Programming and Production
COMD 354 Game Design and Research
COMD 355 Social Media Marketing
COMD 357 Multimedia Journalism
COMD 361 Sound Design I
COMD 362 Sound Design II
COMD 363 Music and Media
COMD 365 Character Anim. & Seq. Storytelling
COMD 409 Advanced Broadcast Studio
COMD 424 Media Theory and Methods
COMD 433 Gender and Media
COMD 434 Special Topics in Journalism
COMD 435 Documentary
COMD 436 Television Genres
COMD 437 Post-production Techniques
COMD 438 Adaptation in Media
COMD 439 International Public Relations
COMD 442 Special Topics in Visual Studies
COMD 451 Creative Project Design & Development
COMD 461 Public Rel. & Comm. Campaigns
COMD 462 Special Topics in Advertising
ENG 312 Introduction to Creative Writing
GRA 215 Computer Graphics for Film and TV I
GRA 217 Motion Graphics
GRA 218 Essentials of Photography
GRA 315 Info. Design and Data Visualisation
GRA 324 Photographic Practice
GRA 335 Computational Design Methods
MAN 333 Marketing Principles
MAN 432 Consumer Behavior

Social Science and Humanities Electives

ECON 432 Turkish and World Economy in the 20th Century
EDEB 401 Introduction to Turkish Literature I
EDEB 402 Introduction to Turkish Literature II
EDEB 415 Sources of Literature: Nature and Culture
EDEB 408 Sources of Literature II: From Mimesis to Catharsis
FA 361 Philosophy of Art I
FA 421 Analysis of Art Work I
HART 225 Cultural Anthropology
HUM 331 Humanities and Social Science Honors Seminar
IR 101 Introduction to World Politics
IR 236 20th Century World Politics
LAW 101 Introduction to Law
PHIL 201 Epistemology
PHIL 401 Metaphysics
PHIL 402 Aesthetics
POLS 101 Introduction to Political Science I
POLS 104 Introduction to Political Science II
POLS 201 Fundamentals of Social Research
POLS 240 Social Transformation in Turkey
POLS 306 Contemporary Turkish Politics
POLS 323 Political Anthropology
PHYS 200 Physics for Poets
PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 103 Introduction to Psychology II / Social and Developmental
PSYC 200 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 240 Developmental Psychology