Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Design

Undergraduate majors in COMD are trained to produce, interpret, and critique the communication media that shape our globalised world. The program combines hands-on practice in video, photography, and new media production with courses devoted to cultural studies, interpersonal communication, public relations, and media ethics.

Undergraduate Minor in Communication and Design

Bilkent undergraduates interested in combining their major with training in media and communication studies are invited to consider the COMD minor program. The curriculum offers a concentrated program in media theory and practice that would complement any academic field.

Exchange Programs
Erasmus +
Bilateral Agreements

Bilkent offers exchange students from every country an engaging academic environment with all courses offered in English. Bilkent undergraduate majors with a CGPA of 2.50 or better have the option to complete part of their studies at one of Bilkent’s partner institutions, located in countries around the world.