PASO Fest for Film & Digital Media 20th Anniversary
In 2000 the first students of the Department of Communication and Design called student filmmakers to get together, and screen and discuss their works together without competition. PASO, the name refers to a student id used in public transport or PASOFEST – Student Film and Digital Media Festival – had the purpose to provide a non-competitive environment for sharing films and media works, organize screenings, master classes, seminars, and workshops on various aspects of media production, and collaborating internationally to create media projects. It was the first festival of its kind in Turkey. 
From the 1st PASO Fest: 
The films that are produced by the university students in Turkey, can unfortunately not have enough opportunity to be screened and thus, they cannot reach the cinema audience. In fact, many of these films, each of which is the end product of intensive creativity and effort, have the potential of contributing to the development of the art of cinema. Paso Student Film Festival aims to recharge this potential by introducing student films to students of various universities and cinema audiences, in a platform-independent from the limitations of a contest, and by mediating discussions on student films. PROGRAM
Screenings: The films will be evaluated in terms of quantity and quality, and the program will be determined accordingly. Panels and Discussions: The discussions aim to encourage the change of ideas about the problems encountered by the students during the processes of production and post-production of films, and about various approaches to film-making. In addition, a panel, to which nationally or internationally renowned cinema director(s) will be invited, is planned to be organized.
PASO 20 or X2
In 20 years, technology in the hands of students in Turkey for producing films and digital media has gone through many changes. Under COVID in 2020 streaming is the new cinema, here, anywhere, anytime. In a world, out of balance, the Department of Communication and Design opens STUDIO CALIGARI to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of PASO in a 24-hour live stream around the world. From Saturday, December 12 till Sunday, December 13 the studio links, switches, streams with films, digital projects, makers, performances, screenings, discussions from Ankara to Sydney to New York and Berlin, to Oslo and Sao Paolo. Together we stream!
Coming soon!