COMD announces the release of the new podcast “You Made Me Watch That?!”

COMD announces the release of the new podcast “You Made Me Watch That?!” in which department faculty Wickham Flannagan and Colleen KennedyKarpat aim to expand each other’s cinematic knowledge, one recommendation at a time.

Season One covered topics ranging from Robert Pattinson to Tilda Swinton, from Paul Thomas Anderson to Michael Haneke, and from the double-life plot to experimental narratives. All 15 episodes from Season One are currently available for download, and 16 September will mark the launch of Season Two, with brand new weekly episodes scheduled for release throughout the fall semester.

Most episodes are designed around a theme determined in advance by the cohosts with input from producer Taylan Akıl, a fourth-year COMD student, as well as the Bilkent Cinema Society. Other episodes are based on new films featured at the
Society’s regularly sponsored screenings, or popular series recommended by Society members.

Cover art for “You Made Me Watch That?!” was designed by Deniz Vadi Töngür, and Ali Eren Çelebi designs the weekly episode covers featured on various distribution platforms. The podcast’s theme music was composed by Dozi Ozovski. COMD staff Özcan Akar contributes tech support.

New episodes of “You Made Me Watch That?!” are released every Friday on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. For episode announcements and other news, you can find them on Instagram @ymmwt.podcast.

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