Our 23′ Graduates Helin Özdemir and Beyza Turak are at BASE 2023!



Our graduates Helin Özdemir and Beyza Turak were featured in the BASE 2023 Exhibition.

BASE2023: “With the contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, in collaboration with Bilgili Sanat and hosted by Akaretler Sıraevler, the seventh edition of BASE 2023, sponsored by Trendyol Sanat, and co-sponsored by Jumbo, Kale Tasarım, and the Art Center (KTSM) and TEB Private Banking, showcases the works of 120 newly graduated artist candidates in various disciplines, totaling 130 pieces.”

Web: http://base.ist | instagram: base.ist

Interview: @base.ist

BASE’23 artist Helin Özdemir:

“I think I always knew that I wanted to do something related to art. Due to the house I was born and raised in, I encountered art education at a very early age, but deciding to say ‘I want to be an artist’ and choosing to study art probably corresponds to my high school years. My interest in many fields of visual arts and my belief that I have something to tell led me to the Department of Communication and Design. I believe that as a young artist, I am currently in the right place and I continue to create.

I shape my art within the framework of activism and my political views, and my biggest dream is for my art to be a visual and political voice reflecting current societal challenges and leading change.

As an artist, my artistic focus revolves around activism that challenges traditional thinking. Beyond the aesthetic aspect of my art, I embrace art and design as a dialogue tool to set in motion a thought beyond that. During my undergraduate education, with every project I undertook, I witnessed that my artistic focus predominantly became a conceptual, ideological, and discursive discourse. Feminist and activist art are the areas where I feel most connected. In this sense, I can say that political challenges are what encourage me to create.

BASE is a platform I have been following for a long time. I am grateful to BASE for providing a platform for newly graduated, budding artists in Turkey to express themselves. Staying motivated to create after art education, and being able to continue creating, can be challenging at times. That’s why I am very excited and happy to not be alone in the first steps I took after graduation and to be part of BASE.”

Interview: @base.ist

BASE’23 artist Beyza Turak:

‘My interest in art began in my childhood through drawing and playing the violin. However, drawing held a special place in my heart. Expressing myself visually became a part of me that made me feel very good. Although I decided to study Communication and Design in high school, I always carried the instinct that I wanted to do something related to art.

My biggest dream is to make art and creation an integral part of my life. I aim to continuously convey my emotions and experiences to what I produce, shaping my existence around this creative journey. In pursuit of this goal, my artistic practice involves embracing change, development, and a sense of dynamism while maintaining my unique style.

The biggest source of inspiration for me is emotions. Being able to transform my emotions into words, poems, collages, photos, or visual materials is crucial. Both expressing myself through these means and establishing a connection with someone else, finding common emotions in the places we connect.

I believe that having your work recognized and appreciated is one of the most valuable feelings and powerful sources of motivation. Therefore, the support that BASE provides to young artists, encouraging their visibility and progress in the industry, is truly valuable and meaningful. I am happy to be part of BASE and hope that visitors to the BASE 2023 selection will have an enjoyable and inspiring experience.’