Our First Event at Dolby Atmos Studio: Experiencing Spatial Sound via Apple Music

At Bilkent University, we hosted our guests in the newly established 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos studio. During the event held on November 17-18 in four sessions, participants experienced spatial sound through Apple Music in a studio designed according to Dolby standards with multiple speakers.

Our studio, operational since October, features an Apple Mac Studio computer, Pro Tools Ultimate software, Avid MTRX Studio hardware, and a Kali speaker system (3 IN-8, 5 IN-5, and 1 WS-12).

For the event, in addition to the guest list created in collaboration with Apple Music, we also issued an open call and reserved capacity for this call. We received applications for the open call eleven times the capacity allocated. Unfortunately, due to this high demand, we couldn’t invite many of the applicants. If you are one of them, don’t worry! We plan to organize similar events in the near future.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Dolby and Apple Music for their support in making this event possible. With the contributions of Nurkut Özdemir from Dolby and Cemal Arman from Apple Music, we achieved a fantastic event.

In each session, Nurkut Özdemir, Cemal Arman, and Ufuk Önen gave brief presentations. Following that, participants experienced spatial audio in our Atmos studio in small groups.

Sharing the new form of music listening and experiencing with our guests was truly a great pleasure for us. We received very positive feedback and were thrilled.

Spatial audio/immersive audio has entered the lives of music lovers through headphones. Considering that formats like Atmos are supported by gaming consoles such as Xbox and streaming platforms like Netflix, we can say that spatial audio is progressing towards becoming the new standard, soon to be available in cars as well.

Source: www.ufukonen.com

Photos: Doğa Tansel