Course Instructor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ayşenur Dal
COMD 422 – Advanced Issues in Communication Studies students select a current, communication-related issue for their individual final projects, conduct research on how previous works studied relevant concepts, and make projections about what they think would happen to these concepts in 10 years based on their research.

Here is a selection of project titles that COMD 422 students worked on in Spring 2020 semester:

Riad Afandiyev – Virtual Reality for Interactive Distance Learning and Teaching

Alina Zeynep Kaynak – The Evolution of Communication Under the Concept of “Proxemics”

Ufku Deniz Güzelcik – Twitter’s Political Lynching in Turkey

Elif Gözde Korkmaz – Representation of in the Advertisements of Cleaning Products

Claire McIntosh – Fake News as It Pertains to Vaccine Hesitancy

Ege Peşkircioğlu – Critic Evaluations vs. Audience Response

Sena Naz Aydın – Online Harassment

Dicle Cengiz – Cyberhate and Discrimination

Bertuğ Vasfi Kara – The Voice of the Masses with 1’s and 0’s