“A Timeline for the Future – Stories of Tenderness, Love and Sorrow” Exhibition by Cabral Nunes

Cabral Nunes’s exhibition “A Timeline for the Future – Stories of Tenderness, Love and Sorrow” opens on January 15, at 18:00 at FADA Exhibition hall.

a timeline for the future

stories of tenderness, love, and sorrow

This is all I have to give, right here, right now. I don’t know better. I can’t do better. This is me. Naked. Building a castle made with snow. With my snowflake angel found in Ankara. That is why this solo exhibition couldn’t have been made elsewhere. It had to be here otherwise the snow would melt and the castle would have turned liquid, vanishing from my fingers if I’d try to keep it.

This is all about tenderness rediscovered after such a long journey into the sorrow of life. Abandoning myself in the dark. Not knowing what to think when I saw the misery. And how much misery, sister, have I found in life. Yes, brother, the heart may be filled with dust and narrow valleys where we night end. But yes, mother, it can be also filled with hope and love.

This is still about myself but it’s not just about me. It’s also the true stories arising from the deep ocean and it will all end when my snowflake arrives there seeing how vast and warm are those Indic Ocean waters. Then, the snow might melt but will finally meet both faith and destiny in the most delighted way: raising other being as ourselves, together forever and ever. With our past becoming future again. And then the beloved deseed souls, around us, will be our witnesses and they will dance. Oh, love, even the ones that live now in the Universe, specially these ones, they will dance with joy and harmony because we will be accomplishing their wishes and thoughts, the ones they had since the beggining, always guiding us in this journey.

Cabral Nunes – Ankara, January the 13th, 2020

The exhibition can be visited between January 15-24, 2020.

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