De/Re-constructing Archaeology & Film

Organized by: Departments of Archaeology, and Communication and Design

Ever since Harrison Ford alias Indiana Jones cracked his whiplash to cast off venomous snakes and vicious Nazis alike, archaeology and archaeologists were banned on celluloid in many dimensions. From the blood-soaked sands scattered in the Gladiator theatre to the cybernetic slenderness of Lara Croft, from the scorched steppes incinerating the Quest for Fire to the Hittite army fighting the Pharaonic troops in Exodus – our remote past seems to be a great arena to trigger off filmmakers vivid imaginations.

The Departments of Archaeology and Communication and Design organize a workshop, co-sponsored by Lufthansa, to bring together filmmakers, scriptwriters and archaeologists to trigger exciting questions: How is our pre- and early historic heritage visualized? How are historical events communicated? In what context are features and artefacts presented? How are the protagonists modelled? How can one write an archaeology of our everyday media consumption?

10.00-12.00: Workshop: Film & Archaeology, by Martin Thau
12.00-13.30: Lunch Break
13.30-14.45: Short Film Screening (Moderators: Andreas Treske & Ahmet Gürata)
15.00-17.30: Panel: Nezih Erdoğan, Martin Thau, Elif Koparal, Sibel Torpil (Moderator: Thomas Zimmerman; Respondent: Güneş Duru)