Funda Senova Tunalı

Funda Şenova Tunalı

Lecturer // Vice-chair

Office: FC 204

COMD 101 // Introduction to Visual Communication Design I
COMD 102 // Introduction to Visual Communication Design II
COMD 212 // Principles of Visual Communication Design
COMD 281 // Media and Design Studio I
COMD 481 // Visual Communication Project I
FA 171 // Introduction to Art and Culture I
FA 172 // Introduction to Art and Culture II
GRA 501 // Graduate Studio I

• Ph.D., Art, Design, and Architecture (Graphic Design), Bilkent University, Graduate School of Economics and Social Sciences, 2012.
• MFA, Graphic Design, Bilkent University, Institute of Fine Arts, 2005.
• EMMA (European Media Master of Arts), Image Synthesis and Computer Animation, Utrecht School of the Arts, Faculty of Art, Media and Technology, Hilversum, NL, 2004.

Funda Şenova Tunalı joined the Department of Communication and Design in 2012. She received her BFA, MFA, and Ph.D. degrees in Graphic Design at Bilkent University, Ankara, and a European Media MA degree in Image Synthesis and Computer Animation at the Faculty of Art, Media, and Technology, Utrecht School of the Arts, Hilversum, NL. She is working on digital typography, user interface design, and design thinking.

Research Interests
Typography, interface design, design thinking, digital media, visual culture.

• Şenova Tunalı, F. (2020). Utilizing “Table” as a Design Element in a research-based Curatorial and Scenographic Practice. In B. Şenova (Ed.), CrossSections Processing Artistic and Curatorial Research (Edition Angewandte, pp. 204-205). Berlin: De Gruyter. doi:

• Şenova Tunalı, F. (2014). Interface: The Actual Story. In D. Moser & S. Dun (Eds.), A Digital Janus: Looking Forward, Looking Back (pp. 109–117). Leiden: Brill. doi:

• Şenova Tunalı, F., (2012) “Glint: Audiovisual Glitches”. Leonardo, 45(3), pp. 296-297, MIT Press, Cambridge.

• Şenova Tunalı, F., (2011). Analysing Run Lola Run: Mixed, Interactive-Like but Limited, Complex, Chaotic and Unstable, thus Technically Perfect. In A. Treske, U. Önen, B. Büyüm & I. A. Değim. (Eds.), Image, Time and Motion, New Media Critique from Turkey, Ankara (2003–2010) (pp. 48-55). Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures.

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