Aysenur Dal

Ayşenur Dal

Assistant Professor Doctor
  • Courses
    COMD 341 // Media and Society
    COMD 422 // Advanced Issues in Communication Studies
    COMD 523 // Media and Everyday Life
    COMD 358 // Professional Communication

• Ph.D. in Communication, The Ohio State University, 2018
• M.A. in Communication, The Ohio State University, 2016
• B.A. in Political Science and International Relations, Boğaziçi University 2012

Ayşenur Dal joined the Department of Communication and Design in 2018. She received her PhD in Communication from The Ohio State University in 2018. Her research centers upon the social-psychological determinants of online political activities. In her work, she adapts a quantitative approach using survey methodology and social network analysis.

Dr. Dal’s work thus far has appeared in New Media & Society, Social Media+Society, Political Behavior, Communication Research, Human Communication Research, Oxford Handbook of New Social Movements, International Journal of Communication, and Social Science Quarterly.

Research Interests
Political Communication, Information and Communication Technologies, Online Political Expression, Social Networks, Risk Perceptions, and Digital Privacy.

Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Dal, A., Nisbet, E. C., & Kamenchuk, O. (Forthcoming). Signaling Silence: Affective and Cognitive Responses to Risks of Online Activism about Corruption in an Authoritarian Context. New Media & Society. 
  • Dal, A. & Nisbet, E. C. (Forthcoming). Walking through Firewalls: Circumventing Censorship of Social Media and Online Content in a Networked Authoritarian Context. Social Media+Society. 
  • Dal, A. & Tokdemir, E. (2022). Social-Psychology of Vaccine Intentions: The Mediating Role of Institutional Trust in the Fight Against Covid-19. Political Behavior, 44, 1459–1481. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11109-022-09793-3 
  • Dal, A. & Nisbet, E. C. (2022). To share or not to share? How emotional judgements drive online political expression in high-risk contexts. Communication Research, 49(3), 353-375. https://doi.org/10.1177/0093650220950570
  • Nisbet, E.C., Kamenchuk, O., & Dal, A. (2017). “A psychological firewall? Risk perceptions and public support for online censorship in Russia”. Social Science Quarterly, 98, 958-975.
  • Behrouzian, G., Nisbet, E. C., Dal, A., & Carkoglu, A. (2016). Resisting censorship: How citizens navigate closed-media environments. International Journal of Communication, 10, 4345-4367.
  • Garrett, R. K., Gvirsman, S. D., Johnson, B. K., Tsfati, Y., Neo, R., & Dal, A. (2014). Implications of pro- and counter-attitudinal information exposure for affective polarization. Human Communication Research, 40, 309-332.

Book Chapters & Other Publications

  • Dal, A., Nisbet, E.C., & Carkoglu, A. (2016) “Patterns of news media consumption and social media use in Turkey” in Rising Soft Powers: Turkey, USC Center for Public Diplomacy.
  • Earl, J., Hunt, J., Garrett, R. K., & Dal, A. (2015). New technologies and social movements. In D. della Porta & M. Diani (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Social Movements, Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK.
  • Nisbet, E.C., Dal, A., Behrouzian, G., & Carkoglu, A. (October, 2015). “Benchmarking demand: Turkey’s contested Internet”. Center for Global Communication Studies, The Annenberg School for Communication at University of Pennsylvania.

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