Ufuk Önen

Ufuk Önen

Sound Designer in Residence

Office: FF 210A

COMD 361 // Sound Design I
COMD 362 // Sound Design II
COMD 363 // Music and Media

• M.A., Media and Visual Studies, Bilkent University, 2008.

Ufuk Önen produced and recorded more than 50 albums, EPs and singles; worked as a composer, engineer and sound designer in more than 200 Turkish, European and North American audio-visual projects, including films screened in international films festivals; and recorded and toured with Hazy Hill between 1988-2000.
Önen wrote Audio Recording and Music Technologies(English title), the first reference book in Turkish language in the fields of audio recording and music technology, and published one other book and more than 40 articles.
Önen holds B.A. in Linguistics and M.A. in Communication and Design, and is a graduate of Los Angeles Recording School. He is a member of Audio Engineering Society, Interactive Audio Special Interest Group, and International Association for the Study of Popular Music, and member of the steering committee of Audio Technologies for Music and Media conference. Currently, Önen teaches “Sound Design”, “Music and Media”, “Visual Communication Project” and “Digital Video Production” courses.

Research Interests
Audio technologies for music and media; sound in film, visual and interactive media; rock music and cities

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