Boran Aksoy


COMD 102 // Visual Communicatiın Design II
COMD 103 // Integrated Visual Communication
COMD 358 // Professional Communication
COMD 281 // Media and Design Studio I
COMD 282 // Media and Design Studio II
COMD 346 // Introduction to Advertising
COMD 355 // Social Media Marketing
COMD 364 // Video Production for Non-Majors
COMD 381 // Media and Design Studio III
COMD 409 // Advanced Broadcast Studio
COMD 481 // Visual Communication Project I
CS 155 // Interactive Media Design and Development

• M.F.A., Media and Design, Graduate School of Economics and Social Sciences, Bilkent University, 2018.

Boran Aksoy received his Bachelor’s from Bilkent University, Communication and Design Department in 2016. During his undergraduate education, he focused on filmmaking and video production. He worked for a number of short film and music video production as a producer and director. He received his M.F.A in Media and Design from Bilkent University. In his graduate program, while he was maintaining video production works, he worked on interactive design, interactive video installations, and media archaeology. At present, he works as a freelance filmmaker and producer and his main research topics are video, media archaeology, and interactive design.

Research Interests
Video Production, Filmmaking, Interactive Design, Media Archeology

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