Mustafa Dinc

Mustafa Dinç

Adjunct Instructor

CS 155 // Interactive Media Design and Development

• Ph.D., İstanbul Technical University, Aerospace Engineering (integrated with Modeling and Simulation –M&S), 2013.
• M.Sc., Modeling Virtual Environment Simulation (MOVES), Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, USA, Computer Science, 2001.
• Bachelor Degree, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Turkish Naval Academy, 1994.

Mustafa Dinç joined the Department of Communication and Design in 2018. He received his PhD in Aerospace Engineering from İstanbul Technical University in 2013. He has also more than 10 years of work experience on Modeling & Simulation (M&S), software engineering, and project management in Turkish Armed Forces. Additionally, he has more than two years of experience as a university instructor in the field of M&S at Middle East Technical University and Çankaya University respectively in Ankara, Turkey.

Research Interests
• Modeling & Simulation and Simulators –Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Agent-Based Modeling & Simulation, Cognitive and Behavioral Modeling, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Serious Games.
• Guidance, Navigation and Control of Unmanned Systems (air, underwater etc.).
• Command & Control, C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) Systems, System Integration, Verification &Validation and Testing.

Book Chapters and Other Publications
• Dinc, M., Modeling and Simulation of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Dynamics (2018),
In book: Mobile Robots – Volume 1, Publisher: InTechOpen Ltd., UK.
• Dinc, M., Haciyev, C., (2013), Autonomous Vehicles: Intelligent Transport Systems and Smart Technologies, Chapter #3 “Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Dynamics” Advances in Robust Control, House of the University of Pitesti, Nova Inc., ISBN: 978-1-63321-324-1.
• Dinç, M., Hajiyev, C. (2015). Integration of Navigation Systems for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. Journal of Marine Engineering & Technology, Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, 34469, Maslak/İstanbul, Turkey, SCI, WOS No.: 000369888300004.
• Kıllı, G.D., Dinç, M., (2018). Labor Force and Process Modeling Using Agent-Based Simulation, Advanced Engineering ITEC 2018, Stuttgart, Germany.
• Kıllı, G.D., Dinç, M., (2017). Ajan (Etmen) Tabanlı Simülasyon Yaklaşimi Kullanarak Işgücü ve Süreçlerinin Modellemesi, USMOS 2017, Ankara, Türkiye.
• Aktürk, B.K., Dinç, M., (2017). Simulation Based Marketing, USMOS 2017, Ankara, Türkiye.
• Dinç, M., Öztürk, D., (2015). Savunma Planlama ve Askerî Projelerin Tedarik0020Süreçlerinde Modelleme ve Simülasyonun Kullanımına Yönelik Değerlendirmeler (Simülasyon Tabanlı Tedarik –Simulation Based Acquisition), USMOS 2015, Ankara, Türkiye.
• Hajiyev, C., Ata, M., Dinç, M., Soken, H.E., (2012). Fault tolerant estimation of autonomous underwater vehicle dynamics via robust UKF, 13th International IEEE Carpathian Control Conference (ICCC), pp. 203-208.
• Dinç, M., Hajiyev, C., (2011). Development Of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Navigation System Based on Kalman Filtering Technique. RAST 2011, İstanbul, Türkiye.
• Dinç, M., Hajiyev, C., (2011). Development Of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Navigation System Based on Kalman Filtering Technique. ICINS18, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
• Dinç, M., Hajiyev, C., (2010). Development of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Navigation System Based on Kalman Filtering Technique. International Unmanned Vehicles Workshop UVW2010, İstanbul, Türkiye.
• Dinç, M., (2009). Design Considerations for Military Data Link Architecture in Enabling Integration of Intelligent Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) with Navy Units, NATO SCI-202.

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